Chip and Kim Mann

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know about our experience with the home watch company “In the Nick of Time”.

We are first time vacation home owners and currently live at our permanent residence in Indiana. There is no question in our minds that we would not be able to maintain our home in Florida without the services of Nancy and her staff. There have been numerous times that we’ve received a call from our neighborhood association informing us of something that needed to be done at our home immediately (from changing an outside lightbulb to investigating an overly high water use bill). I have called Nancy with full confidence that the situation would be taken care of properly and that she would be our communication with the necessary people involved. She has been a great source of information, has went to bat on our behalf and has resolved all situations in a timely manner.

I believe I was most impressed with the services of “In the Nick of Time” this January when my parents arrived at our vacation home to spend a few months. No one had been at the house since March of last year. When they arrived, the home was perfectly cleaned (and they are very picky people!), towels were laid out, blinds were open. The only thing my parents had to do was run to the grocery, which Nancy and her staff would have done if requested!

So, kuddos to “In the Nick of Time”. You are a top notch business and we are blessed to be your clients.

Chip and Kim Mann

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